About us

Based in London we started as a private antique and fine jewellery dealer for high-end customers since 2010 now we have a range of jewellery from tiaras to watches from Georgian era to modern fine pieces we are proud of every piece we have.

We are jewellery enthusiast/collector ourselves so we travel the world to find the best jewellery. Europe is our most visited destination and we also go to USA, HongKong, Singapore once a year for fairs and meeting clients.

At Jin jewellery we believe we only sell the jewellery that we personally like and have experience with so we check every piece before we put on our shelf. We are aware of that it limits the number of items we sell compare to big shops but we would rather sell with confidence. When you are confident and love something from the bottom of your heart you are more likely to sell this is how we operate and what we believe.

We have more items in our stock so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something special or anything in particular.